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Matthew Gorelik

Real Estate

Matthew Gorelik has extensive experience in the Private Banking and Brokerage industry. His career spans over 20 years, where he’s enjoyed great relationships with various investors, capital sources, and industry standouts. Hailing from Los Angeles, his reach goes far beyond power players that are solely business-minded; he has worked for some of the world’s most wealthiest families as well as long standing businesses. Gorelik has also worked with large banks, life insurance lenders, and several different agencies.

Sourcing capital is one of Matthew Gorelik’s strongest skills. He has personally been able to bring billions of dollars in capital to his clients through sourcing and negotiations. While this industry can be a difficult climate, Gorelik’s knack for client relationships and retainment have seen him through to success.

Previously, Matthew Gorelik was involved with several real estate projects that left him working with some of the country’s most desired and active real estate owners, agents, and operators. He had so much success in this realm that he co-founded Township Capital, with the intent of creating a Real Estate Investment Bank. Through this work, the industry would be able to move forward into the digital age with ease.

Before launching Township Capital, Gorelik held many esteemed positions with several of the world’s leading financial institutions. Matthew Gorelik spent over 15 years as the Senior Vice President for Citi, one of the world’s most recognizable names in banking. During his time with Citi, Gorelik was able to develop his skills in handling important relationships and advising on critical business measures.

With his growing passion for financial services, Gorelik moved on from Citi after 15 years to become the Managing Director for Jefferies. Shortly after, he saw an opportunity to work with some of the best financial planners, advisors, investors, and managers at J.P. Morgan. Here, Matthew Gorelik also served as Managing Director, until ultimately leaving to begin his own venture as Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Township Capital.

Outside of his work in the financial industry, Matthew Gorelik makes it a priority to enjoy life with his family. Gorelik, along with his wife and three children, currently resides in Beverly Hills. He and his wife, Krista, also serve as ambassadors to the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. In addition to their work as ambassadors, the couple dedicates time to serve on the board for the Greater Los Angeles Epilepsy Foundation.